Our services

Bring our experts to your business

We offer complete network design, testing and evaluation services. It ranges from consulting on your basic networking needs, to providing a complete turnkey solution for your complex hierarchical networks. We can provide the equipment and/or the experienced staff needed for your project. We can manage the full project or we can provide assistance with any portion of a project as requested by our client.

Whatever your situation and the challenges you face, we have solutions.

We can answer critical questions about your Network such as:

  • What traffic load can your site really handle?
  • Can your IDS protect you when under heavy load?
  • Is your server load balancer balancing?
  • Can your firewall defend against attacks?
  • How would your network handle the VoIP and Video application?
  • What is the quality of service of your network?
  • Are you overbuilding your network infrastructure?

Feasibility Analysis and Future Planning:

CWI can provide assistance to clients who wish to perform a feasibility analysis for a project, or need to the determine trends and the impact of adding new applications over an existing network.